Puttgarden EP

by released on Dez 18, 2014


Jan Hertz and Rocko Garoni are back with a new release that will heat up dance floors and living rooms this winter! Known for their distinctive style of mixing melodic and floating elements, the two guys from Northern Germany have taken the next big step and released their latest work “Puttgarden EP” on SPIELGOLD. While the same-titled track „Puttgarden“ comes straight out with a percussive and catchy lead synth, “Platzregen” sticks out with its warm, pumping and space-filling groove supported by a few dub elements. The release is accompanied by remixes from Ferdinand Dreyssig & Marvin Hey, Soukie & Windish and Amount. Enjoy!

01: Puttgarden
02: Puttgarden (F. Dreyssig & M. Hey Remix)
03: Platzregen
04: Platzregen (Soukie & Windish Remix)
05: Platzregen (Amount Remix)